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August 10, 2023

Why Monument Signage is Beneficial to Businesses

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Nothing beats the eye-catching power of a large, well-placed sign outside your business. When it comes to outdoor signage, you have a few options depending on what your business needs. If you’re currently in the market for a large sign installed to attract roadside attention, then monument signs are an ideal choice.

But what makes these signs so good for businesses? For starters, they are crafted from durable materials that not only strike attention but are suitable for the outdoors. They are made from stone, brick, marble, and other high-quality materials. Placement for these signs is key to ensure they’re visible. They are often mounted on a solid base at a low height so they can be seen by people whether they are walking or driving by.

How Monument Signs Will Benefit Your Business

Not only do these impressive signs help people notice your business, but they bring additional advantages. At The Sign Doctor in Woburn, MA, we help businesses in Massachusetts to design, craft, and install signs that strike the right note so they can benefit from their sign for years to come. Here’s a summary of how these signs can help your business too:

Mark Your Entrance and Make a Great Impression

Monument signs for businesses are top-choice entrance signs that will help people find your facility. As they near your location, your sign will be a welcome sight that marks where you’re located. In addition, this sign could be a new customer’s first interaction with your brand. A quality sign will showcase your professionalism as people arrive and will help make a positive first impression.

Provide Directions for New Customers and Guests

Your sign can also be used as a wayfinding tool. Installation location is a key factor that will make your sign successful in this regard, so it’s important to consult with signage professionals for expert insight. If your business is hard to find, consider adding directional arrows or your address on your sign to offer guests a helping hand.

Promote Your Business to Passersby

Your sign can also benefit your business as a promotional tool helping to get your name out in the community. Consider an electronic monument sign with a signboard so that you can advertise multiple messages. This may include details of upcoming events, your business hours, deals, new offerings, and more.

Display Tenants in a Business Facility

In business complexes, shopping centers, and more multi-tenant facilities, monument signage is useful for listing multiple tenants. You can list the names and logos of each tenant to make it easy for customers and guests to find the specific business they’re looking for so that they have a great experience right from the start.

Create Monument Signage in Massachusetts

Businesses in Massachusetts can connect with The Sign Doctor in Woburn, MA for stone monument signs, electronic monument signs, and many more types of this signage. We’re committed to taking care of all the steps needed to bring your signage ideas to life.

To learn more and request a call back, connect with us today!

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