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Does your business in Woburn, Massachusetts maintain a fleet of vehicles? Whether you have two or twenty vehicles in your fleet, they are an excellent resource when it comes to marketing your business.

By adding commercial fleet wraps, you can turn your fleet into a marketing tool that works for your business at any time of the day.

What is a Fleet Wrap? 

Fleet wraps are a rising trend among businesses, large or small. It is when you turn your company vehicles into a mobile advertising machine. This is done by adding printed vinyl adhesives to the vehicle surfaces. 

These vinyl adhesives can be installed in any type of vehicle, whether cars, trucks, vans, or buses. Usually, the fleet vehicle wrap designs are the same, if not similar. This creates a cohesive look that gives you a stronger brand image in Woburn, Massachusetts. 

Here at The Sign Doctor, we create vibrant, long-lasting custom fleet wraps. We offer different types of vinyl materials to cater to various business and budget needs. Learn more about our offers by giving us a call today. 

Types of Fleet Wraps 

The cost of fleet wraps varies depending on the type, material, size, and design. There are several options to choose from, starting with the following: 

  1. Full Fleet Wraps: This covers the entire vehicle surface with vinyl wraps. It changes the look of your vehicles completely, giving you maximum space to add designs to your vehicles. 
  1. Partial Fleet Wraps: This lets you design specific parts of your vehicles using vinyl wraps. It’s a perfect alternative when you want to save on costs but still want fleet vehicle wraps. 
  1. Fleet Wrap Graphics: Vinyl lettering and graphics are added to your vehicles. This lets you display different business information, like your business name, contact details, company logo, and more. 

Each type has its benefits and functions for your business. Not sure about which option to go for? Talk to our sign experts about your business and budget needs. We’ll help determine which fleet graphics and wraps can benefit your business in the best way. 

Uses for Fleet Wraps 

One of the best things about fleet wraps is being able to get greater value out of an already existing resource. Your company vehicles become more of an asset for your Woburn, Massachusetts business with the addition of custom fleet wraps. They can help in these ways: 

  1. Build brand awareness: Does your fleet go out for business every day? Branding vehicle wrapping is an excellent way to build more awareness for your brand. Constantly seeing your brand around town creates brand recognition and recall. 
  1. Promoting products, services, and events: Fleet advertising wraps turn your vehicles into mobile billboards. With custom printing, you can add images and details to your vehicles. This is perfect for images and graphics that can make people interested in your products, services, or events. Launching a new product or having an upcoming sales event? Use fleet wraps to get the information out to your target customers. 
  1. Generate more leads: Vehicle wraps can potentially generate thousands of impressions daily. Each of those impressions is an opportunity to create leads. For this reason, it’s best to add contact details or your website to your fleet. 

Looking for Fleet Wrap Experts in Woburn, Massachusetts? 

Get in front of your target customers through professional fleet wraps! Let The Sign Doctor deliver high-quality vehicle wraps that boost your brand in Woburn, Massachusetts today. 

We are a full-service sign company that designs, produces, and installs premium fleet wraps for your business. Our commitment to creating vibrant, long-lasting signs is why businesses continue to choose our services. 

Invest in fleet branding today! Contact us for a free consultation with our sign experts.

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