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Visibility is a key factor in attracting the most customers in Woburn, Massachusetts. First and foremost, it is a way to tell your target audience that your business exists. Furthermore, being more visible lets you draw attention to the fantastic products and services you offer.

To become more visible to your customers, invest in the best business building signs today.

What Are Building Signs?

Building signs are one or more signs that adorn your building, usually in front. They can perform several different functions. Primarily, they are used to identify your building. These signs also convey other important information to your target audience.

The Sign Doctor offers a selection of sign options for your building. We can customize your signs to match your needs with the many designs and material choices we have. Give us a call today to learn more and get a free quote.

The Types of Building Signs

The cost of building signs largely depends on the type of sign you choose. Materials, size, and design also contribute to the cost. At The Sign Doctor, you can find a multitude of options that can fit both your business and budget needs.

Here are some building signs you can choose for your business in Woburn, Massachusetts:

  • Dimensional Letters: These are three-dimensional letters that can be made from various materials like acrylic, metal, and foam. They offer a level of depth that makes them highly visible at different angles. Dimensional letters can also be laser-cut to match your exact font.
  • Lighted Building Signs: These are a selection of signs that are lit using LEDs. Options include channel letters, cabinet signs, among others. It’s a great way to give your building plenty of visibility.
  • Hanging Signs: These exterior building signs are hung from the ceiling or projected from the building’s façade. They are an effective way to get the attention of incoming foot traffic.
  • Awning Signs: These signs, usually made with canvas or vinyl, extend from the building’s window or front doors. They can be customized and printed with your business name and other important information.

The Uses of Building Signs

There are many ways that building signs can be used to add value to your Woburn, Massachusetts business. One of their main functions is making your presence known to your target audience. This is especially important since 35% of customers won’t even know your business exists without signs.

These signs are also used to point customers toward your business. They are essential for wayfinding. Having clear, visible signs make it easier for customers to know where to find you even in a crowded location.

Commercial building signs are also important marketing tools. They help advertise your business, products, and services. These signs help gain the interest of people passing by your business space.

High-Quality Business Signs Near Me

Increase your visibility and drive more traffic to your business with the right building signs. Get The Sign Doctor to deliver eye-catching, premium-quality signs for your business today.

We are a full-service sign company in Woburn, Massachusetts. We design, create and install custom building signs that get your business noticed. Whether you need one sign or an entire sign system, our team can help.

Contact us today and get a free consultation!

Why are building signs necessary?

Building signs are necessary to let people know about your business. You can use building signs and provide people with information, directions, and regulations. These signs help people navigate your business or buildings.

Do you offer any bundle packages for building signs?

It all depends on what type of bundle you are looking for. It is best to call us or book a consultation and discuss options that way, because each customer is different, and things change case by case.

What materials do you use for building signs?

Many building signs are made from acrylic or plastic because it is durable and looks good. Other building signs are made from aluminum or metal. There are also wooden building signs, vinyl outdoor signage, etc. The list goes on and on.

Can you provide custom-designed building signs?

Yes. One of our specialties is customizing signage to our customer's specific needs. We love the challenge because it breaks up the monotony of manufacturing regular signage, so we are more than happy to make custom-building signs for you.

How long do outdoor vinyl signs last?

Vinyl signs can last outdoors between 3-10 years. Ten years is the upper limit, but if they don’t face harsh weather, they can last a surprisingly long time.

How much does it cost to get a custom building sign made?

There are many factors to consider when looking at the cost of a custom sign. We must factor in the material it is made from, the amount of time and labor it takes to finish, the size, and the design. Simple custom signs made from vinyl cost much less than custom channel letters. All our signage is charged per square foot.

What are building signs made from?

Building signs can be crafted from aluminum, wood, plastic, metal, vinyl, and more. Sometimes poles and lighting systems are necessary for building signs, which would mean they need electric work.

What is the importance of putting signage in the building?

Putting signs in a building is essential to helping people find their way around. You can also raise awareness for your brand and upcoming sales and events. Buildings also need ADA signs and safety signs, which are required by law and help to keep everyone safe.

What is the purpose of building signage?

The main reason people put up signs is to advertise their products and to create awareness for their business. You also need signs to regulate things, provide safety warnings, and provide people with information and directions.

How long do building signs last?

It depends on the materials they are made from. High-quality building signs (like the ones we manufacture) should last for up to ten years. If you have any questions about building signs or any other type of signage, message us or call us at 1-781-208-2208.

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