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Your business signs must be accessible to all types of customers in Woburn, Massachusetts. According to the law, ADA signs are required in any store, office, and building. This ensures all customers, especially people with disabilities, have a safe and positive customer experience.

The Sign Doctor is an expert at ADA signage in Woburn, Massachusetts. We create signs that are not only compliant but also add value to your business. Contact us today to learn more about your sign options!

What is an ADA Sign?

ADA signs allow buildings and commercial spaces to be more accessible. These are signs that follow specific guidelines according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Guidelines include elements like:

  • Font style and size
  • Color contrasts
  • Sign placement
  • Inclusion of braille

Accessible signage is crucial to maintain the safety of all customers while going around your facility.

Despite the need to follow guidelines, Woburn, Massachusetts businesses can customize their ADA signs. At The Sign Doctor, we offer custom ADA signs that incorporate your brand theme and colors. This is an excellent way to boost your brand.

Types of ADA Signs

  • Wayfinding ADA Signs

These enable your business to have a more organized traffic flow. Wayfinding ADA signs have easy-to-understand language and floor graphics for all types of customers.

  • ADA Braille Signs

According to ADA guidelines, any sign that identifies public buildings and permanent spaces must include braille characters. These visually impaired customers navigate your space freely and safely.

Braille signs need to incorporate grade II braille. These should also be mounted on walls instead of doors.

  • ADA Parking Signs

These are important for designing parking spaces for people with disabilities. These signs are required to be displayed in clear view.

  • ADA Bathroom Signs

These signs make it easy for customers to identify bathrooms within your facility. Bathroom signs should include:

  1. Raised characters
  2. Grade 2 custom braille signs
  3. Universal pictograms with a written description

Uses of ADA Signs

Familiarity with ADA standards is a must whether you are a new or established business. Local government agencies often do regular inspections. This makes sure businesses follow ADA guidelines.

Having ADA-compliant signs lets you avoid any possible liabilities and penalties in the future.

Making your Woburn, Massachusetts business more accessible also lets you attract a wider audience. People with disabilities often go back to businesses where they feel comfortable and safe.

The cost of ADA signs is minimal compared to the many ways these can be used to benefit your business. Here are the common spaces where ADA signs should be used:

  • Lobby signs and reception areas
  • Public, common areas like food courts
  • Doors of offices, conference rooms, and break rooms
  • Elevators and stairwells
  • Room doors of hotels or apartments

Looking for the Best ADA Signs Near Me?

Getting ADA signs can be daunting, especially for new business sign owners in Woburn, Massachusetts. You must choose a sign partner who is well-versed in ADA rules and guidelines.

Luckily, our team at The Sign Doctor understands the ins and outs of ADA laws. We know the significance of creating signs that adhere to these specific guidelines.

Get in touch with us today for a FREE consultation on your ADA signage needs.

What is an ADA-compliant sign?

An ADA compliant sign is a sign that meets the guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

There are specific signs in and outside your business that are required to be designed in a specific way. This ensures that people with disabilities can distinguish these signs which can help make your business more accessible. 

Why are ADA signs used?

ADA signs are used to ensure that your business is accessible to all kinds of customers. They are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

These signs help people with visual impairments and other special needs find their way around your space. This is done through color contrasts, braille, and tactile letters. 

What material is used for ADA signs?

The specific guidelines set by ADA standards require ADA signs to look and feel a certain way. As such, the materials used should be those that can execute these guidelines.

For example, ADA signs need to follow color contrasts as well as have a matte finish. Acrylic, metal, and vinyl are excellent options. 

What is an ideal size for ADA signs?

The size of the text or characters and the position of the ADA sign determines the size of the sign.

For instance, if a sign is mounted 40-70 inches from the ground, the characters should be no smaller than 5/8 to 3/4 of an inch. This gives it a reading vantage of 6-7ft. 

Where can I get ADA signs designed?

ADA signs can be designed by local sign companies that specialize in ADA sign-making.

It is important to find a sign company that is well-versed in ADA standards. This ensures your signs are compliant, avoiding any potential penalties or liabilities in the future.

For experts in ADA signs, choose The Sign Doctor! 

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