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Did you know that 8 out of 10 people visit a business for the first time based solely on its signs? Creating the right first impression is crucial. It may just be the difference between a potential or a lost customer in Woburn, Massachusetts.

Businesses rely on signs to make the right impression. After all, it is one of your customer’s first points of contact with your company. Among all business signs, channel letters are one of the most popular on the market.

What Are Channel Letters?

Channel letters are three-dimensional signs typically made out of metal or acrylic material. These signs are highly customizable. They are also often chosen because of the visibility it gives to your business.

Back in the 1960s, neon signs were used to attract attention to businesses. These illuminated signs were unmistakable anywhere. However, LED channel letter signs have become the perfect alternative to neon. Businesses switched to these more affordable and low-maintenance illuminated signs.

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Types of Channel Letters

Channel letters in Woburn, Massachusetts are available in a range of materials and styles. It is possible to create a unique sign that matches your brand’s theme, logo, colors, and the like. To highlight your brand, you can choose among these different types:

  • Front-Lit Channel Letters

The most common type of channel letter sign. The letters are illuminated from within using LED lights. These usually have an aluminum frame with an acrylic front face.

  • Back-Lit Channel Letters

This type has the letters illuminated from behind the sign. The letters are usually mounted away from the wall. This creates a warm glow or ‘halo’ around the letters.

This makes it look more attractive and eye-catching. This effect is also why it is often referred to as halo-lit channel letters.

  • Front-Lit/Reverse Channel Letters

This combines both lighting options. You get a highly visible sign, with the illumination from within and the halo effect around your sign. You can also choose a combination of different colors to match your brand.

  • Open-Face Channel Letters

This unique sign is similar to front-lit, however, without the acrylic front face. This exposes the LED lights within, creating the neon look that everyone loves.

Uses of Channel Letters

The cost of channel letters is minimal compared to the value it add to your business signs in Woburn, Massachusetts. It can be used in many different ways to help your business succeed.

Storefront channel letters are the most popular use for these signs. It is the ideal way to put a name to your business and introduce you to the local market.

Because it can be customized, we can create a sign that matches your exact brand logo. This is perfect for branding and wayfinding purposes.

Custom channel letters are also used to add visibility to your store or office. Since it is illuminated, your sign stands out every hour of the day (and night).

Indoors, channel letters are the best to use as attractive lobby signs. Having an illuminated sign like this is sure to leave a memorable first impression on your customers.

Eye-Catching Channel Letters Near Me

Establish yourself as a business that customers can rely on with the right custom channel letter signs. For high-quality sign solutions, The Sign Doctor is here to help. We are a full-service sign company that can design, produce, and install your signage needs.

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How are channel letters attached?

Channel letters are manufactured using various parts and materials. The acrylic front face is attached to the aluminum backing and returns using a trim cap. This is a high-quality anodized aluminum, making it elastic. Using a liquid bonding agent, the trim cap is used to bind the acrylic sign face to the body.

How do you make a channel letter sign?

Channel letter signs are made using aluminum and acrylic. The aluminum is used for each letter's back and sides or returns. The backing is router-cut, and the returns are shaped to each letter design.

The acrylic is used for the sign's front face. LEDs are installed within the sign to illuminate it.

How are channel letters installed?

There are two ways channel letters can be installed. One, it can be mounted directly on the wall or surface being used. Each letter is mounted individually. Two, channel letters can be fastened to a raceway or backer panel before this is mounted on the wall, making it easier to install.

What are channel letter signs made of?

Channel letters are made from aluminum sheeting and acrylic. The aluminum sheeting is used to create the sign's back and side panels. The sign's face is usually made using aluminum or acrylic.

Depending on the type of channel letter, LED modules are either hidden within its interior, attached at the back, or both.

How much does channel lettering cost?

The cost of channel letters varies depending on the size of the sign, materials used, illumination, and the number of letters used. Typically, they can be a few thousand dollars at a minimum.

At The Sign Doctor, we offer plenty of options for your sign requirements. Contact us to get a free quote.

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