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Yard Sign Printing in Woburn, MA

Make Use of One of the Most Impactful Forms of Local Marketing

Easy to install, budget-friendly, and weather-resistant, lawn signs are usually affixed in front yards and at heavy-traffic intersections in Woburn for maximum visibility and impact.

Benefit from one of the most useful visual communication tools that are perfect for all types of businesses and campaigning events - yard signs.

Get maximum effect from your custom bandit signs and drive more daily impressions with lighting. Did you know you can illuminate yard signs with LEDs so passers-by can see signs regardless of the time of day or weather?

Importance of Custom Signs for Yards

Business yard signs represent your brand as a whole, not just communicating the message that’s printed on them.

Imagine if you were to look at an advertisement for a local business, but the signs looked unprofessional and shabby. What would you think first? Most likely, you’d feel unfavorable towards the business and avoid it.

As a smart Woburn business owner, you must avoid suppliers that can only promise good quality lawn sign printing in Woburn, MA.

Your sign shop should also use modern and efficient installation techniques to ensure custom yard signs will stay in place, no matter the weather conditions. Work with an experienced signage partner that knows the fundamentals of marketing. We know how to implement sign strategies that will help your business thrive.

Benefits and Uses of Yard Signs

Maximize your profits: There are many types of yard signs that will affect potential customers’ purchase decisions and brand preferences. For instance, corrugated plastic yard signs can show off some of the most popular dishes in your restaurant, along with their images to entice people who are passing by.

Highlight events: Increase the number of participants, sponsors, and attendees to your event with yard signs in Woburn, MA. They are a fantastic avenue to provide people all the essential information. Signs can include:

  • Your contact information.
  • What the event is about.
  • Where it will be held.
  • When and what is the duration of the activity.
  • What people should look forward to or get excited about this.

Announce greetings and milestones: Whether you are informing the public that your business recently won an award or you are welcoming international guests to your company, custom lawn signs can help you get the message across. Another great example is using birthday yard signs to celebrate an important person in your company.

Support personalities, parties, and political campaigns: Gain more support for your business or political party by telling people about your brand. At The Sign Doctor, we produce top-quality yard signs near you with creative designs that achieve these goals.

Provide wayfinding information: An innovative way to boost foot traffic is by using yard sign letters in Woburn to show how far potential customers are from your business. Use signs to show directions to your store too

Promote product launches, store openings, and projects: Get customers excited by advertising about what they should look forward to, such as Black Friday sales, new seasonal menu items, swimwear collection for summer, and more, with yard signage.

Your Go-To Yard Sign Company in Woburn, MA

The Sign Doctor is the leader when it comes to quality bandit signs and well-strategized marketing solutions that deliver a great return on investment and offer long-term benefits.

We don’t just offer lawn sign printing; we provide a complete range of sign services, including:

  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Maintenance
  • Consultation
  • Repair
  • Installation
  • Complete project management

Do you want to learn more about the cost of yard signs in Woburn, MA? Talk to one of our specialists today to get a free quote.

How much is a yard sign?

The price of a yard sign varies depending on a few factors. Your choice of material, size, and number of signs largely affect the cost.

For example, a one-sided, single-color corrugated plastic yard sign can start at around $12-$15 each. This is for the standard 24" x 18" size. You can get them cheaper in bulk.

What is a yard sign made of?

Yard signs are most commonly made with corrugated plastic that is held up by wire stakes. The corrugated plastic is two thin plastic sheets that have fluting between them. It makes the sign lightweight yet durable.

Aside from corrugated plastic, other materials used for yard signs include aluminum and alumacore.

How long does a yard sign last?

Yard signs are made to withstand different outdoor elements. They can last between 1 - 2 years. Their lifespan depends on different factors, including the outdoor conditions they are exposed to. They get damaged faster, for example, in high-traffic areas.

When used indoors, these signs can last around 5 - 10 years. 

How do I waterproof my yard sign?

Yard signs are made using corrugated plastic. Since corrugated plastic is already waterproof, there is no need to waterproof your yard sign.

Do you want to turn an ordinary sign into a waterproof yard sign? You can do this by laminating it into a corrugated pouch board to make it water-resistant. 

How do I make an outdoor Yard sign?

Yard signs are made by printing your design on corrugated plastic. The sign is printed using UV ink, which is scratchproof and waterproof.

The process starts by completing a layout of the design. Once done, the corrugated plastic sheet is printed on using a flatbed UV printer. The sign is then attached to wire stakes. 

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