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Get set to make an impact in Boston with modern monument signs. This type of exterior sign is eye-catching thanks to its stature and construction. It’s a sign that’s designed to have an impact and help more people be aware of your business.

However, it’s important to work with signage professionals so that you receive effective signs. This will help ensure your outdoor signs are not only made with quality materials to withstand the weather but are installed appropriately too. Key to your signs hitting the right note is strategic placement outside your business so that they stand out.

In Boston, you can turn to The Sign Doctor for support. We design and install a wide range of custom indoor and outdoor signs for businesses. Whether you’re looking to promote your brand or attract new customers, we’re ready to work with you on great signage.

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What Are Monument Signs?

You have likely seen these signs in Boston near the entryway of a business. They’re a large, impressive type of sign that’s free-standing and made from a wide range of materials. This may include stone, brick, and additional durable materials.

Some companies use these signs to display their name and logo. Others incorporate directional information, contact details, or a greeting to welcome guests. If you want your signs to truly stand out, you can add illumination or a digital display for maximum impact.

Types of Monument Signs for Businesses

As you consider the options for your sign, it’s necessary to ensure that it will complement your business. This means selecting signage materials, structures, and designs that will align with your landscape, existing signs, and facility. Not only will your sign look great, but it will be cohesive with your surroundings to establish a professional business exterior.

Here are some signage options to consider:

  • Stone monument signs and brick monument signs: You have some options when it comes to durable materials for your sign. This includes not only stone and brick but also concrete and metal. The ideal material for your sign specifically will depend on your location, design, and budget. Connect with our team at The Sign Doctor to discuss the options.
  • Digital monument signs: A digital display is not only eye-catching but adds a custom element to your sign. It allows you to showcase timely messages to align with your business goals, such as a custom greeting, holiday message, or promotion.
  • Backlit monument signs: Adding illumination to your sign will help it stand out. Your sign will become a powerful marketing tool that promotes your business all the time. Even if you’re not open late, you can help people notice your business so that they can return during operating hours.

Uses of Commercial Monument Signs in Boston

Monument signs bring many advantages for businesses. Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to:

  • Attract new customers: Help new prospects notice your business with a prominent sign that’s designed to be eye-catching.
  • Landmark your location: These large signs can often be seen from a distance. They’re key to letting people know where your business is located and can help new customers find you.
  • Provide important details: Display your company name and logo on your sign or additional information. This may include your address, website URL, hours of operation, tagline, and more details.
  • Improve your business exterior: Your sign will help enhance your facility landscape and brand your location. It will act as a touchpoint that helps people remember your business and where you’re located.

Business Monument Sign Company in Boston

Connect with us to start a conversation about monument signs near me. Our friendly team at The Sign Doctor is happy to learn more about your company and discuss your signage options. You’re also welcome to request a quote on the cost of monument signs.

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