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March 21, 2024

Crafting Striking Lobby Signs that Elevate Your Business Presence

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When customers enter your facility for the first time, an impressive lobby sign is one tool that can help make a big impact. This type of sign can be crafted from a range of materials and designed to suit the exact style of your business. Then, once installed, it will become a focal point in your entrance that makes a grand statement when anyone enters.

First impressions play a key role in establishing your business presence, and an impactful sign is a key tool that will help you make a great one.

Want to Craft an Effective Lobby Sign for Your Business?

When planning your sign, you’ll want to keep in mind your goal, target audience, brand, style, and budget. These considerations will help drive decisions in selecting the ideal sign type for your needs. Of course, elements of any sign can be further customized to make it unique and present your business in the best light.

Here are some sign ideas to get you started:

Directory Signs

These signs are often one of the first things guests look for when they enter a multi-tenant facility. An office lobby sign that lists the businesses onsite and where they’re located is a welcome sight, as it helps visitors find their destination quickly and easily. Choose an analog or digital sign to support your guests right from the start, demonstrating how much you care about their experience.

Logo Signs

When guests enter your lobby, a large logo sign behind your reception desk or on a prominent wall will showcase your professionalism. Acrylic signs, metal signs, and wall graphics are all effective sign types for this purpose, enabling you to display your brand proudly. A large, eye-catching sign will become a focal point in your lobby, helping people to remember your brand and business.

Informational Signs

Office lobby signs can be more informational in nature, providing helpful details to guests when they need them. These signs are important for all businesses, but more so for those with unstaffed lobbies; they provide guests with a clear indication of what they must do when they arrive, as there isn’t always an employee to offer this information. Direct them to complete paperwork, take a seat, or head directly to a certain area of your business for service. Guests will appreciate the simple, succinct directions that your signs offer and knowing what actions they need to take.

Company Signs

Some lobby signs for business can be crafted to be promotional. For example, signs can showcase company history, awards, and milestones. If your business has a waiting room, this type of sign offers an opportunity for guests to learn more about your business and focus less on their wait. They also work wonders to boost your brand loyalty by letting customers know who you are and what your business stands for.

Request Lobby Signs for Business Today

Businesses in Massachusetts looking to take advantage of the benefits of signage in their lobby should connect with The Sign Doctor in Woburn, MA. We design and install a wide range of custom signs that will exceed your expectations.

Get in touch with us to request a call back and take the first steps in receiving impressive signage for your business today.

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