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September 7, 2022

Top 8 Monument Signs That Will Blow Your Mind

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Getting monument signs can be one of the best decisions you can make for your business. These prominent outdoor freestanding signs generate a lot of attention. They also build a better image of your Woburn business.

At The Sign Doctor, we offer a variety of design options for these signs. To make your business stand out, here are 8 unique options for you.

1.      Choose modern monument signs

These signs are typically made using materials like stone, concrete, and bricks. Customers expect to see these on your signs. Surprise your customers and grab their attention by choosing a more modern design. This can mean choosing bolder colors or going for more industrial materials like metal and steel.

2.      Don’t be afraid to go big

Custom monument signs are usually no higher than 5 feet tall. However, don’t be afraid to create bigger signs that make an impact. Keeping with height requirements, you can choose to go wider with your sign. For instance, filling in the entire curb of your building entrance is sure to get your sign noticed.

3.      Light up your signs

Adding light options to your signs is always a good idea. Because people are naturally attracted to light, they cannot help but glance at your sign. Not only that, but this also increases your sign’s visibility. Even at night, you can get valuable impressions with illuminated signs.

4.      Use landscaping

Make use of your landscaping to design your monument sign. Combining nature with your design creates a stark contrast that looks unique and interesting. Don’t have landscaping of your own? Simply adding mulch with accent plants is a great way to boost your sign’s curb appeal.

5.      Add water elements

Take your landscaped design further by adding water elements to your sign. This will add a lot of beauty and sophistication to your signage design. Water features can come in the form of a waterfall or a fountain around your sign.

6.      Use a mix of materials

Another way to create unique, modern monument signs is by choosing a mix of materials. Going for contrasting materials is the perfect way to make a statement. For instance, mixing wood and metal can give you a rustic yet modern look and feel.

7.      Add electronic message boards

Electronic message boards are a great way to make your sign stand out. This lets you display multiple messages to get the attention of your customers.

8.      Custom monument signs using large-scale letters

When you don’t want the typical signboard, go for large-scale letters. Spell out your business name or an abbreviated version of it using large dimensional letters. Place them in front of your business for that stunning, unique curb appeal.

Impress Your Woburn Customers Today

Get creative with your signs and leave a lasting impression on your customers! Let The Sign Doctor turn your design vision into a reality today.

We are a full-service sign company that designs, creates, and installs your various signage needs. Our dedication to quality and excellence is what sets us apart.

Let us help you get the custom monument sign of your dreams today. Contact us for a free consultation.

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