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March 17, 2023

Top 5 Ideas For Wrapping Your Truck

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Custom truck wraps are a great way to personalize your business fleet. They advertise your business in a flexible way that could have tons of new people flocking to your door. Covering your vehicles in a wrap helps people identify your business, even if they're not super familiar with the work you do. However, just knowing you need truck wraps isn't enough — here are five creative ideas to help you dress your fleet.

Advertise a Limited-Time Sale on Your Trucks

If you're having a special or a sale, let everyone know. Some truck wraps are easily removable, and you can use those to advertise your limited-time deal, spreading the message to a huge amount of people. You can even have several wraps ready to go for future specials.

Add Lettering to Your Truck Fleet

Whether you have one company truck or own a fleet, truck wraps are a great way to boost the profile of your company quickly. Depending on the average time your trucks spend on the road, one vehicle with a truck wrap can make between 30k to 80k impressions daily. Multiple that by 365 days, and that is some great brand exposure.

Adding lettering to truck wraps is simple, and since the vinyl is custom-produced, it can easily be created to match the font of your logo. Many businesses opt for a catchy phrase that makes people take a second look.

Put a CTA on Your Truck

Everyone knows that no marketing campaign is complete without a CTA, so make it easy for passengers to find you by adding your social media handles on the side of your truck. Business numbers are also great and easy additives. This is a great way to maximize your investment in your truck wraps.

Create Optical Illusions with Your Custom Truck Wraps

Consider creating an optical illusion that people cannot look away from. It’s easy to use shadows or different colors to create indentations or life-like textures on the sides of your vehicle. Once you have their attention, you can rest assured they're reading your business name.

Consider Decals as a Compromise for Truck Wraps

Not quite ready to go all of the way with a truck vinyl wrap? There are other options. Vinyl decals are a great way to add your company logo, graphic, or brand name to fleet vehicles without wrapping the entire truck. They are just as customizable, and easy to get the word out about your company.

If you have a custom truck wrap idea in mind, contact The Sign Doctor so we can talk about bringing it to life.

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