September 15, 2022

Tips For Designing Window Graphics

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Your storefront can be one of your biggest assets. It offers a lot of space where you can brand and promote your Woburn business. Best of all, these can be done without incurring any additional ad costs.

Need a wide space to market your business? Your windows can be a useful resource for your ads. These can be filled with various designs to promote your brand and get your business noticed. And custom window graphics are a great way to do this.

Storefront Window Graphics That Make You Stand Out

Window signs and graphics are customized vinyl adhesives that can be printed and cut to create the design you need. These let you add a myriad of details to your windows, from text to images and graphics.

Adding this type of vinyl sign to your windows is a great way to transform the look and feel of your storefront. Instead of passing by empty spaces, customers can see vibrant, interesting designs. This can generate more interest in your business, driving more traffic to your space.

However, not all window signs are created equal. As such, it’s important to come up with the right designs that can make your store or business stand out. Before looking for the best window graphics near me,” here are some useful design tips.

·      Keep your design to a minimum

The wide window spaces make it tempting to fill each corner with details. However, it can be overwhelming when overdone. Keeping the design simple lets you put better focus on your message.

·      Always give importance to legibility

Did you know that legibility was identified as the most important characteristic of signs? This makes a lot of sense since signs are supposed to help send your message across. That can be a challenge when you don’t have legibility in mind.

When designing your window graphics, make sure to choose standard, readable font styles and the right size. This ensures your message is readable at first glance.

·      Include branding on your custom window graphics

Window signs are a great way to make your establishment stand out. However, it won’t do you much good if your signs look like everyone else’s. Make your sign unique by adding branding elements to your design.

This can include the use of your brand’s colors, theme, and even your brand logo.

·      Choose the right colors

Creating vibrant, colorful designs is great in general. However, your store’s location in Woburn may affect color visibility. For instance, facing direct sunlight may make some colors less readable.

In these cases, it may be best to add backgrounds with high contrast to your text or image colors.

Finding The Right Window Graphics “Near Me”

Whatever business you are in, there is a lot that you can benefit from having window signs and graphics. Take advantage of your windows and use them to promote your business today.

Let The Sign Doctor deliver high-quality storefront window graphics for your company. We are a full-service sign shop that will work closely with you from design to installation.

Get in touch with us with your signage needs and we’ll give you a free quote.

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