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September 24, 2023

The Influence of Lobby Signs on First Impression: Boston's Welcome Ambassador

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First impressions happen quickly, and office lobby signs can help. Not only will these signs establish a great aesthetic in your Boston business, but they also position your business favorably and create a welcoming environment for guests.

How? The branding on these signs makes them stand out and introduces your company when guests enter. Consider having a large acrylic sign behind your reception desk that proudly showcases your business from the get-go and commands professionalism. Sounds very nice, right? Other types of office lobby signs offer directions and details guests need so they have a positive experience with your brand.

Here are more details on how lobby signs will help your business achieve these objectives:

Impress Guests with Custom Lobby Signs

An impressive lobby sign is sure to create a wow factor in your business. If your lobby currently features blank walls and is void of any branding, consider using signage to level up your space. A large sign behind your reception desk, on a feature wall, or in another prominent space will create a focal point. Guests will spot it when they arrive, giving you an immediate touchpoint for your brand so they remember your business.

Offer Information Guests Need

Informational signs will not only bring organization and efficiency to your business, but they’ll keep guests up to date. For example, if clients need to check in when they arrive or be mindful of safety information for your facility, they’ll appreciate knowing these details right away. Consider investing in informative signs so that everyone is aware of essential details.

Support the Guest Experience

You can further support the guest experience with lobby signs in Boston that provide wayfinding information. Consider investing in directory signs and wayfinding signs to help people identify where they need to go and point them in the right direction. These signs will be a welcome sight when guests arrive, especially if it’s their first time visiting your facility.

Display Company Highlights

If guests in your facility need to spend a moment in your waiting area, take advantage of this opportunity to educate them about your business. Custom lobby signs can be crafted to display your company history, mission, accomplishments, and more details. Don’t be afraid to showcase what makes your business unique; it could be just the tactic that helps you secure your next transaction.

Showcase Your Business Professionalism

If you’ve ever arrived at a business for the first time and haven’t known where to go or what to do, then you know how helpful lobby signs can be. Informational signs are a welcome sight for guests, giving them reassurance that the business-owners care about their experience.

Plus, you also can craft your own custom lobby signs for your business. You’ll be able to incorporate your branding and establish just the right look and feel for your signs so that they fit your business aesthetic. Whether you have a refined, modern office or a vibrant, energetic space, you can create signs that hit the right note.

If you’re not sure how or where to start, we have you covered at The Sign Doctor. We design and install a wide range of custom signs for businesses in Massachusetts. Whether you’re looking for an acrylic lobby sign, digital lobby sign, or another sign type, we’re ready to bring your signage ideas to life. Explore our products and request a call back to get started.

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