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September 12, 2023

The Brilliant Charm of Acrylic Signs in Boston: Increasing the Presence of Your Brand

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If you’re exploring your options for business signs in Boston, be sure to consider custom acrylic signs. These signs offer a distinct look to level up your business. You’ll be able to achieve the right style for your facility by selecting from a myriad of signage options. Plus, many business-owners turn to acrylic signs as an inexpensive and effective alternative to glass, making them a worthwhile investment for your business.

You’ll receive full support with designing, crafting, and installing acrylic signs in Boston thanks to The Sign Doctor. We’re a full-service sign company offering quality products and excellent service to bring your signage ideas to life.

Unlock the Potential of Acrylic Signs

If you’re keen to learn more about why these signs should be a top choice for your business, consider the following benefits:

  • Modern look: The style of these signs offers a refined look to boost the aesthetic and professionalism of your interior spaces. While you may not consider installing signs to heighten décor in your facility, the sleek look of acrylic signs is sure to enhance your business space regardless.
  • Indoor and outdoor signage: Did you know acrylic as a signage material is water-resistant and weatherproof. This means you can install acrylic signs in Boston indoors and outdoors, making the list of locations where you can use these signs to benefit your business nearly endless.
  • Durable and long-lasting material: You can rely on the durability of acrylic to benefit your business for years to come. This is because acrylic won’t be easily damaged by inclement weather. Plus, unlike wood and metal, acrylic won’t mold, rust, or corrode. You’ll need little to no maintenance for your acrylic business sign, giving you a stylish sign for many years.
  • Versatile sign type: Acrylic is also a lightweight, flexible material that gives you countless options to create the perfect type of sign for your business. The acrylic can be colored and cut into various shapes to create exactly what you need. Some of your options include dimensional letters, acrylic signboards, door signs, as well as lobby signs.
  • Various printing options: Beyond selecting a sign type, you also have many choices when it comes to printing acrylic signs. For example, standard printing will give a matte finish, whereas subsurface printing provides a glossy finish. You can also select from clear or frosted signs to achieve just the right style that you need.

Connect with The Sign Doctor for Custom Acrylic Signs

Be sure to reach out to us to discuss what you have in mind. Of course, if you need guidance for your acrylic business signs, we’re happy to provide you with tailored recommendations. We provide our customers with experienced project management to see them through all stages of receiving quality signs for their business. This includes custom design, expert fabrication, and efficient installation.

Reach out to us to learn more and get started.

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