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November 4, 2022

The Benefits of Channel Letters for Your Business

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A storefront sign is a chance to make a good first impression. Think about walking down the street and seeing a store with a sign that was damaged or had a horrible design. Would you even want to enter that business?

Storefront signs are an opportunity to attract customers through your doors. Make the most of that chance by installing channel letters at your business.

The Sign Doctor has helped many businesses by implementing signage systems into their work space, and we can help you too. We are ready and willing to work with any business in Woburn and Middleton, Massachusetts.

What Are Channel Letters?

Channel letters are large three-dimensional letters that are typically made out of aluminum and acrylic. They are freestanding letters, but when put together they create a channel letter sign.

One of their best features is that they light up, either with LED or neon lights. Since they light up, they give you the opportunity to take advantage of optimal visibility. If you have a store with a sign that isn’t visible at night, you are losing potential customers that cannot see what type of business you are. Illuminated channel letters will ensure that you don’t lose out on the opportunity to attract customers at night.

Channel Letter Signs Cost

The cost you pay for channel letters may be a bit more than for other types of signage, but it is an investment that is worthwhile. Three-dimensional signage makes you appear successful, children love them, and they show your business’s fun side while still looking polished and professional.

When you consider all the advantages you will gain—as well as the fact they light up—the price will not seem like much of an issue. Typically, channel letter signs cost a few thousand dollars. However, it is better to invest in your business and set yourself up for success rather than take the easy way out.

What We Can Do for You

If you are interested in discussing custom channel letters for your company, then give us a call. At The Sign Doctor, the customization work we do will be unique to your business, and your business alone.

Every company is different, so having a custom plan that puts you on the track to success is crucial. Start with the right custom-made signs. Call us at 781-208-2208 or contact us online to learn more.

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