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January 18, 2024

Monument Signs That Make a Lasting Impression

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If you’re looking to make a big impact for your business in Massachusetts, a monument sign is an advertising tool you’ll want to consider. The impressive size and design of this type of sign, along with its strategic placement, makes it highly visible. You’ll be able to showcase your brand and messaging with a stunning sign that makes a great impression when your clients and guests arrive.

Harness the Power of a Custom Monument Sign for Your Business

It’s important to note that there are a wide range of sign types to consider, including those made from brick, foam, and other durable materials. In addition, you may also add illumination and/or an electronic message board to your sign for even more visibility. But that’s not all; when crafting a custom sign, you have the freedom to personalize its size, shape, design, and many more features, making it a one-of-a-kind sign for your unique business.

Investing in a custom sign will give you complete control to develop a sign that accomplishes exactly what your business needs. If you’re looking for creative ways to make a lasting impression, here are four ways you can use a monument sign for your business:

1. Welcome Clients and Guests with the Right Entrance Sign

You may have seen hospitals, shopping malls, and other businesses in your community use these signs at their entrances. They are strategically placed so that guests will notice them when they drive by or arrive, helping to generate a great first impression and a professional image. Your business can craft a sign for this same purpose. Consider displaying your business name and logo, and even a short welcome message, to command favorable attention for your business from the get-go.

2. Guide People with a Helpful Directional Sign

Depending on your business location, you may be able to craft a commercial monument sign that offers directions to guide clients and guests. To be effective, your sign would typically need to be placed along a roadside or close to a high-traffic intersection. Then, an arrow and/or address on your sign can be used to direct guests to your location, which can be especially helpful if your business is hard to find.

3. Promote Your Business with an Electronic Message Board

Adding an electronic message board to your sign gives you flexibility to change the text on your sign when needed so that it aligns with your promotional needs. Advertise an upcoming sale, event, or announcement effectively without needing to invest in new signage. Also, if there is news your business needs to share, such as an upcoming closure or change in your operating hours, you can do so effortlessly. Customers appreciate being informed, which electronic message boards do so brilliantly.

4. Display Multiple Tenants in a Facility

If you’re the owner or operator of a multi-tenant facility, a commercial monument sign is an excellent signage choice. It can be crafted to showcase the various businesses that occupy your space, giving them exposure that will draw in customers.

Craft Custom Monument Signs with The Sign Doctor

For complete support in crafting your custom sign, connect with our team at The Sign Doctor. Our team understands the components of monument signage that will generate a lasting impression for your business. Plus, our fulsome process covers everything you need, from start to finish, when it comes to designing, crafting, and installing an impactful sign.

Get started by reaching out to us to request a free consultation.

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