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February 6, 2023

Know Why Marketers Extensively Use Floor Graphics

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All signage has the potential to achieve marketing goals, like increasing brand visibility and awareness, capturing attention, and offering a persuasive reason to purchase. But there are some advantages unique to floor signs. Here are four reasons why today’s marketers love them:

Floor graphics are convenient

Printed vinyl signs are easier to manufacture than other advertising forms, so they can be available on short notice. They are easy to install and can be used on many surfaces, including ceramic tile, concrete, timber, laminated flooring, vinyl, and even carpet.

Floor decals are easily removed when no longer required, so they are ideal for seasonal and short-term promotional use. They can be used indoors and out and are often unaffected by weather.

Custom floor signs are cost-effective

A vinyl floor decal is cheaper to make than a framed wall sign of equal size. This is in part due to the affordability of the materials. It’s also easier to install, as there is no need for step ladders or platforms. This saves on cost in terms of time and equipment.

Commercial premises are usually leased based on floor space, so it makes sense to utilize that space rather than let it go to waste.

Floor graphics are very visible

For retail locations, the busiest areas are the point of purchase and the point of sale. Space in these areas is at a premium, and placing extra signage can add to an already overcrowded situation. Pole-mounted signs can also obstruct traffic. A floor graphic takes up no room and will not get in the way.

Additionally, there is evidence shoppers can suffer from “ad-blindness” as they become so accustomed to seeing the usual signs in these areas. Floor signs, being less common, can command attention.

With shoppers increasingly looking down at their mobile devices as they wait in a checkout line and becoming used to looking at the ground for social distancing cues, not having promotional floor graphics in these areas is a lost opportunity.

Custom floor graphics invite creativity

We’ve saved the best for last. The biggest selling point in favor of floor graphics is the potential for unequaled creativity.

Imagine approaching a massive hole in the floor spanned by a rickety suspension bridge as you walk through an indoor shopping courtyard. Or almost tripping over a cup full of a well-known soda, splashing liquid and ice as it disappears into a swirling whirlpool in front of you.

These photorealistic optical illusions are real attention-grabbers when used in commercial premises, and there are many more. They are the kind of things that people remember and tell their friends about.

Even something as simple as pawprints in a department store aisle with instructions, "Follow the reindeer to Santa's workshop," can create a fun experience for a child — and a profitable one for the retailer. The kind of creativity demonstrated by these examples is hard to achieve with wall or pole-mounted signs.

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