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January 13, 2023

Ideas for Lobby Signs That Stand Out

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Lobby signs are your chance to make an unforgettable first impression. From the moment someone walks into your business, it only takes 7 seconds to make a first impression, so make it count. These signs are not only important to make a strong impression on visitors, but they set the tone for the rest of their visit.

The Sign Doctor is a locally owned business in Woburn, MA, that has maintained an exceptional reputation by providing high-quality signage and excellent customer service to other businesses in the area.

How to Make Your Lobby Signs Stand Out

●        Use Technology

As the world advances, technology has become more prevalent in our everyday lives. People almost expect it at this point. Consider using digital displays or interactive elements—such as touch screens or QR codes—to engage with your customers and create an experience they won’t soon forget.

●        Try Unique Fonts and Colors

Sometimes, people forget what standing out is really about: being different. So many businesses have the same bland and boring signage, but you do not have to follow the herd. Adding a unique font or color graphics can separate you from the pack.

●        Use Lighting to Your Advantage

Playing around with the lighting of your reception area signs can be beneficial to creating a warm atmosphere. Backlit signs, for example, have a relaxing effect that people enjoy. Your reception area should be welcoming, and LED lights can be the perfect way to welcome people into your business.

●        Create a Cohesive Business Signage Collection

Your office lobby signs are often the first signs that people see when they enter your building, but they are not the last. Creating a uniform look with all your signage can solidify your branding and make you appear like a strong, confident professional.

●        Add a Personal Touch

There is something about you that is unique to you and you alone. Embrace it. Think of something in your personality that is special compared to others and try to incorporate it into your signage. The world has enough businesses doing the same thing, so show your creative side and enjoy yourself in the process.

Embrace Creativity

Coming up with a design for your lobby signs and planning where you want to place them should be a fun process. It’s a chance for you to showcase your creative side. We want to work alongside you so you can enjoy the creative process every step of the way.

Sometimes, lobby signs have to project professionalism, and creativity is thus not as important. We understand this because every industry is different, and at the end of the day, the main goal is achieving a successful outcome. No matter what industry you operate in, The Sign Doctor has a cure for you!

The Sign Doctor: Woburn’s Favorite Signage Company

If you need help implementing lobby signs into your business and you’re searching online for “office lobby signs near me”, give us a call. You can reach us at 781-208-2208 or message us online. Make your lobby all that it can be with help from The Sign Doctor.

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