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December 20, 2021

How to Design Custom LED Signs that Draw Attention to Your Business?

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Finding new ways to grow your business is always a challenge. There are so many competing businesses in Woburn, MA. This makes it even harder to draw attention to your business.

One strategy that can make a big difference is impressive signage. Among the many sign options, choose LED signs for maximum exposure.

How LED Signs Can Help Build Your Brand and Community Awareness

These signs are illuminated signs that are lit by energy-efficient LED bulbs. They can be customized to create different designs depending on your needs. These signs are often referred to as neon signs, channel letters, electronic displays, and more.

The many uses of LED signs make it the perfect option when it comes to building brand awareness. The bright, vibrant lights are sure to get the attention of anyone passing by. The more people see your signs, the more they become aware of your brand.

Eye-catching LED signs are guaranteed to make your business stand out in Woburn, MA. Having a brightly-lit sign can make your business pop, even in crowded areas. They are the best tools for drawing more attention to your business.

Design Tips for Your LED Sign

Investing in indoor and outdoor LED signs is a smart decision for any business. Maximize their impact by making sure their design engages your target audience. Here are some design tips that work.


  1. The best custom LED signs in the North Shore are readable. Legibility is a key component for signage to be effective. Given the bright lights of LEDs, it is important to consider readability. The more complex the design, the more it can be difficult to read. Make sure to choose standard font styles for better readability. When using scripts, keep your spacing in mind between your text and characters. This makes it easier to read your sign.


  1. Choose the right font size. Thinner fonts can be difficult to read outdoors, especially from afar. In this case, it’s best to go bigger. However, indoor LED signs that are usually viewed from up close can be thinner.


  1. If you want an LED sign for maximum exposure, prioritize legibility over brightness. We often associate brightness with visibility. However, brightness can only catch consumers’ attention. If you are trying to deliver your message successfully, legibility is more important.


  1. Combining two fonts can make your design more eye-catching. When doing this to your indoor or outdoor LED sign, choose a maximum of only two font styles. Too many details can make your sign look messy and overwhelming.


Best Custom LED Signs in The North Shore

The many uses of LED signs make it a great business investment that you don’t want to miss. For high-quality signs that work, The Sign Doctor is here to help.

We are a full-service sign company that offers a wide range of sign solutions for your business needs. Our team works with expertise and efficiency, whether you need indoor LED signs, LED channel letters, and more.

Give us a call today and get a free consultation with our LED sign experts.

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