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May 19, 2023

How to Customize Channel Letters for Your Business

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Channel letters are made up of large, 3D letters that’ll draw attention to your business. Their placement makes them ideal for landmarking your business. Plus, their 3D nature and illumination make them eye-catching to help prospects notice your business and support new customers in making their way to your location.

An added benefit is their ability for personalization. Due to this, channel letter signs cost different amounts based on shape, size, and any other personalized details and installation requirements.

Here’s how you can customize your sign so that it works for your brand.

  • Choose Custom Fonts and Colors:

When spelling out your company name with these signs, it’s important to use your brand’s specific fonts and colors. This will help boost your brand presence and create an identity that people will recognize. While using generic fonts and colors on your sign may still get noticed, it won’t support brand retention. Instead, be sure to focus on using your brand elements to create cohesion among your signage and promotional materials that people will recognize.

  • Complement Custom Channel Letters With a Graphic or Logo:

Take your signs to the next level by including your company logo or another graphic. This is an important brand element that people will recognize to help generate attention for your business. When passing by your business, your logo could be what stands out and compels people to step inside.

  • Customize Illuminated Channel Letters:

The illumination of these signs is what’ll give your business additional visibility at night and in bad weather. If new customers are travelling to your business for the first time, lighted signs will help point them in the right direction. You can choose just the look you’re hoping to achieve with illuminated channel letters. Select from front-lit, back-lit, front-lit/reverse, and open-face signs.

  • Select Your Installation Method:

Your custom channel letters can be installed in one of two ways. The first method involves mounting each letter individually on your intended surface. The second method involves fastening them to a raceway or backer panel before being mounted on your intended surface. A professional sign company can support you in selecting a mounting option that’s ideal for your business, and will take care of installation, too.

In Woburn, MA, your trusted partner for business signs is The Sign Doctor. We’re a full-service sign company that can manage design, production, and installation of your signs. We offer a wide range of high-quality, custom signs to support your business needs.

To get started with channel letters or another sign type, request a call back from us today! Call (781) 512-6727.



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