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September 10, 2021

How Outdoor Signs Boost Revenue for Your Business

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North Shore businesses are always looking for new ideas to boost sales and revenue. With other competing businesses, it is crucial to find ways to stand out and reach your target customers. For this reason, you need impressive exterior signs.


One study found that 67% of customers made a purchase because a sign caught their eye. This means that signs can have a positive impact on your ability to make a profit.


Here’s how different exterior signs can help boost your business revenue.


Storefront signs help build your brand’s identity.


Storefronts that have a consistent display of your brand are great for building brand awareness and recognition. When customers are aware of your brand, it is easier to be confident about your products and services.


Start with eye-catching channel letters that display your brand name and logo. You can also add window graphics that showcase your products and services. Yard signs also help display promotions within your storefront.

Monument signs make your business easy to locate.


One of the most effective ways to boost your revenue is making sure customers know where to find you. The easier you are to locate, the better chances you have to drive more traffic to your business.


Monument signs are usually positioned along the road or at an intersection. They are mounted low on the ground, at the perfect line of sight of anyone driving or passing by. As such, these signs make your business more visible to your target customers.

Get more leads with real estate signs.


Real estate is a very robust market. Setting yourself apart from the competition can be challenging. For this reason, it is important to have the right set of real estate signs.


These signs help make your property listings more visible to your target audience. They help tell people about available properties, as well as open-house events you are holding. Reaching a lot of people increases your leads which in turn increases your chances of making a sale.

LED signs make your business stand out.


Humans are naturally attracted to light. This is why a lot of businesses opt for lighted storefront signs. Whether it’s daytime or nighttime, your sign will be noticeable even among surrounding businesses.


When you stand out, it is easier to get more people through your doors.

Yard signs are effective marketing tools.


Have an ongoing sale or promotion? Launching a new product or service? Putting up bandit signs is a simple yet effective sign solution.


Since these are affordable, you can get multiple signs. Placed in key areas around your location, these can gain the attention and interest of more customers.

Effective Outdoor Signs for Your Business


Boosting your revenue can be challenging. However, it is not impossible with the help of an experienced sign maker. In the North Shore area, businesses trust The Sign Doctor with their signage needs.


We are a full-service sign company that delivers high-quality sign solutions for your business. Whether you need channel letters or digital LED signs, our team can help!


Give us a call and receive a free consultation on your outdoor sign needs today.

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