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December 4, 2023

Grand Impressions: Elevate Your Entrance with Striking Lobby Signs

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There are several tactics you can use to enhance your business entrance. From a fresh coat of paint to new furniture, a plush rug, and more, all these items help to create a warm, welcoming environment for guests.

However, if you’re looking for a tactic that achieves this objective, while also reinforcing your brand, lobby signs are the answer. A large, impressive sign in your entrance area, displaying your company name, logo, or wordmark, is sure to impress guests. In this blog, we will uncover the power of a simple sign and how it elevates your entrance, as well as your company’s marketing power.

How Do Lobby Signs Enhance Your Business Entrance?

Generate a Winning First Impression

First impressions can happen quickly. From the moment guests arrive, they begin making a judgment call based on your business environment. You can make this impression a great one with an impactful, welcoming lobby sign. Whether it’s installed behind your reception desk, on a key wall, or even suspended from the ceiling, this sign has the power to greet guests and showcase your professionalism from the get-go.

Add a Brand Touchpoint

Lobby signs for business is an excellent way to guide an interaction with your brand. As brand impressions take approximately 5 to 7 instances to form, the more your guests interact with your brand, the earlier this key impression will happen. A sign that features your company’s fonts, colors, and images will help guests remember your business so that you remain top of mind, encouraging them to return or refer you to family and friends.

Establish a Focal Point in Your Lobby

If your lobby currently boasts several blank walls, you can benefit from a lobby sign for a business that creates a focal point. This will become an eye-catching staple in your entrance area where guests’ eyes are naturally drawn. Whether your lobby signage boasts your company name, a timeline of your history, or even details of your products and services, you’ll have all eyes on your message thanks to your captivating signage.

Provide an Informative Space Guests Appreciate

Lobbies are often a space where guests spend some time waiting for an appointment or meeting. In addition to marketing signage, you can also support guests with an entrance area that’s informative. Consider augmenting your space with custom lobby signs that provide company news and updates, directions and wayfinding information, and other details guests need when they arrive. They’ll appreciate your efforts to keep them informed, contributing to their overall experience with your brand.

Add Style to Your Lobby with Elegant Signs

Crafting and installing lobby signage is also a means to enhance your décor. A range of custom signs designed with your brand in mind will create a seamless and cohesive look across your signage system that guests will recognize. Plus, stylish, branded signs will transform blank walls, enhancing the aesthetic of your business space.

Bring Your Custom Lobby Sign Ideas to Life

Get ready to elevate your company’s lobby by bringing your signage ideas to life with help from The Sign Doctor. We support businesses in Massachusetts by creating a wide range of sign options to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Connect with us to discuss signage ideas that will enhance your lobby and create a warm, inviting space for your guests.

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