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April 12, 2023

Boost Your Business Visibility with Monument Signs

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Have you considered complementing your exterior signs with a monument sign for business? While a wide range of signs outside your facility can help inform and connect with prospects and guests, these large, free-standing signs are not to be overlooked. Their impressive size and stature are sure to make a statement and get your business noticed.

In Woburn, Massachusetts, connect with The Sign Doctor if you’re ready to get started with monument signs. Here’s how they’ll boost your business visibility:

  • Catch the Eye of Prospects With Impressive Signs:

Whether your business is new in the neighborhood or has been around for a while, large signs will stand out. People who may not have been aware of your business will be able to spot it more easily with impressive signage. It’ll help to landmark your location so that people take notice. Your signage could be just the tactic that lures people to your location and helps bring in new business!

  • Direct New Customers to Your Location:

Placement for brick monument signs is key. Typically, these signs are placed close to the roadside so that they can been seen from a distance. If new customers are travelling to your location for the first time, your sign will be a welcome sight. Not only will it establish a professional image, but it’ll also make it easier for new customers to spot your business.

  • Provide Information With Monument Signs for Business:

When customers and guests arrive at your location, sharing critical information upfront will help support their experience. For example, using your sign to display the names of tenants in a business complex will help customers find the exact location they’re looking for. In single-tenant facilities, the signs can be used to display a business’ phone number, hours of operation, and more key details that guests need.

  • Stand Out With Brick Monument Signs and More Materials:

To further boost your business visibility, consider all the options for customizing your signs. This includes selecting from a range of durable materials that’ll withstand the weather. Some of your options include brick, stone, concrete, wood, metal, or a combination of materials. Lighting will make your business shine and help your business stand out at night and during inclement weather. You may choose to include an electronic message board to display multiple messages for your business needs.

To further explore all the customization options for your signs and get started, reach out to us. We’re a full-service sign company that’ll manage all your signage needs. Our high-quality sign solutions will help your business stand out.

Get started with monument signs in Woburn, Massachusetts by connecting with The Sign Doctor today or call (781) 512-6727!

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