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March 3, 2023

5 Exterior Business Sign Ideas That Will Boost Your Brand Awareness

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Outdoor signs are business displays found outside or on the exterior of your building and at other locations. Installing a custom business sign is effective at attracting more potential customers and increasing sales.

Below are exterior business signs to consider for your business:

1. Monument Sign

Attract new customers or widen your reach by installing durable monument signs that are seen even from a distance. A monument sign is a freestanding business sign usually made with brick or concrete and is installed at ground level, making it more visible. Include all the important elements including attractive fonts and pleasing colors to reinforce your brand and increase foot traffic.

You can take advantage of a monument sign to display core products or services and to advertise special promotions. If your business is far from the main road, don't forget to include directions to help a potential customer find your business.

2. Use Digital Signage

Attract more customers by installing digital signage outside. Its biggest advantage is it lets you include more information, such as different products and services, promotions, contact numbers, business locations (if you have more than one branch), and important company information.

Digital signage can entice more customers even at night, just make sure you're consistent with your brand colors or business design to strengthen your brand. Businesses also get more views with how digital signage is designed and installed, increasing foot traffic and possibly generating revenue for your business.

3. Go For Illuminated or Lighted Signs

There's nothing more attention-grabbing than attractive design and lighting that's pleasing to the eyes. Illuminated signs are completely customizable and offer more options. You can go for lighted box signs to make your brand name stand out or opt for reverse-lit or backlit lighted outdoor signs for a modern look. Add a vintage or classic look by going for neon signs.

4. Install a Canopy Sign

Canopy signs don't just advertise your business in style, they also provide protection and shelter for your customers especially in the summer, when temperatures keep rising. If you're running a restaurant or cafe, canopy signs usually work best. They're effective for small to medium-sized stores as well.

5. Design An Attractive Window Decal

If you want to showcase more products or store promotions, consider designing and installing window decals. They are easily seen and are effective at enhancing the appearance of your store. Also, they're quite flexible as you can change them whenever you want to display new products or announce important store announcements to your customers.

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