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August 23, 2023

15 Ideas for Outdoor Business Signs to Boost Your Company

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Looking to use business signs to boost your brand presence? An impressive sign outside your business will do wonders when it comes to catching the eye of prospects and keeping your business top of mind among existing customers. Plus, there is a long list of sign types for you to choose from. With so many options, you can surely select a sign type that will meet your needs and help you achieve on your specific objective.

Here are 15 options to consider:

  1. A-Frames: These signs are great for sharing messages with foot traffic outside your business. You can showcase text and images on both sides of the sign to ensure everyone sees it.
  2. Banners: These business signs are a versatile choice because you can use them in multiple locations. For example, you can hang a banner outside your facility but also take it to an event for additional promotion.
  3. Blade signs: This sign is mounted on and projected from your building’s storefront. You also have the option to add illumination for even more visibility.
  4. Building signs: These signs are typically mounted in front of a building to landmark your business. They help people find your location easily when they’re nearby.
  5. Cabinet signs: These outdoor business signs feature a light box that’s typically made of metal and acrylic with internal illumination. Often, they feature a company’s name and logo and can be mounted on a wall, projected from a storefront, or attached to a freestanding sign.
  6. Channel letters: This sign is three-dimensional and typically spells out a business name above their entrance. They feature different kinds of illumination depending on the style you need.
  7. Flags: Flags help attract attention for your business thanks to their movement. You can customize your flag with your brand colors and more details to suit your business.
  8. Metal signs: Outdoor business signs crafted from metal offer a distinct look. Sturdy materials make these signs a great choice for traffic signs, wayfinding signs, logo signs, and more.
  9. Monument signs: These free-standing custom business signs make a big impact. They’re crafted from durable materials such as stone, brick, and more to withstand the weather and attract roadside attention.
  10. LED signs: Signs with LED bulbs shine bright, are long-lasting, and use less energy than neon lights and traditional bulbs. You can choose from a range of brightly lit sign types that use LEDs.
  11. Pole signs: These signs are also known as pylon signs and feature a single or double pole with a signboard on top. These towering signs make it easy for people to find your business, especially if you opt for an illuminated signboard.
  12. Storefront signs: Different types of storefront signs are essential if you have a street-level business. They will help your business stand out and make your location easy to find.
  13. Window graphics: Take advantage of windows in your business to market your company. Graphics can be crafted to display your best-selling items, new offerings, and more details.
  14. Yard signs: These signs can help entice people passing by your business. Consider promoting your upcoming events, new offerings, and more.
  15. More sign types: Of course, this list doesn’t encompass all the sign types. Be sure to reach out if you’re thinking of something different or looking to personalize one of these signage options for a custom business sign.

To bring your sign ideas to life, connect with The Sign Doctor in Woburn, MA. We design and install a wide range of custom signs for businesses in Massachusetts. Reach out to us to learn more and get started.

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