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March 10, 2023

10 Storefront Sign Ideas to Make Your Business Stand Out

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A great custom storefront sign can attract customers and increase your profits. Here are 10 ideas to ensure you get the best value from your investment in storefront signage:

1. Install a Blade Sign

These projecting signs are attached perpendicular to the street-facing wall, usually near the front entrance. They are great for capturing the attention of passersby and are especially noticeable if surrounding shops have only window graphics or other flush-mounted signs.

2. Put an A-Frame out Front

Sandwich-board signs, as they are also called, offer the same sort of benefits as blade signs without the need to be a permanent fixture. They’ll attract the attention of pedestrians who might otherwise miss your window advertising.

3. Buy a Chalkboard A-Frame for Custom Storefront Signs

Instead of a fixed message, you can change the contents daily if you like. One idea which regularly captures attention on social media is to use humorous quotes that are changed regularly. That’s free advertising for you.

4. Include Pricing on Storefront Signs

If you offer an excellent deal, include it on your sign, e.g., “Haircuts: $10.00.” People find good value hard to ignore, and it’s a surefire way to draw people inside.

5. Use 3D Channel Letters

These dimensional signs have a great presence. When front-lit or back-lit using LEDs, they are a modern and more affordable alternative to neon and attract attention 24 hours a day.

 6. Brighten up Your Window With LEDs

Another way to ensure your store is noticed 24/7 is to install an LED sign in the front window. These are inexpensive and can be designed to convey a simple text message or match your business's branding.

7. Make Use of High-Contrast Colors on Storefront Signs

When the storefronts around you all have single-color window graphics or other signs, a sign with vibrant colors will stand out. This idea doesn’t work for all business types; it may not be the go-to for a solicitor or accountancy firm, for example, but for more businesses than not, bright and bold is a winner.

8. Go Digital

Light and movement are great attention-grabbers, so why not combine both with a digital sign? You can use them to announce specials, play a video, make a humorous quip, or display your branding, all for the cost of a single sign.

9. Install Window Decals

Simple vinyl window decals can be highly effective. A large, opaque window sign also comes in handy if there are parts of your storefront area to which you don’t wish to draw attention. This form of signage is very cost-effective. Since it will often be in place for a long time, it pays to consider the image you wish the sign to convey and its design.

10. Keep Custom Storefront Signs Fresh and Topical

People notice topical signage. Holidays are an obvious application. You might have different signage for the summer and winter months. Clothing stores and travel agencies are just a couple of industries that can benefit from this approach. Or, you could use the signage to inform passersby of upcoming special events.

These are some ideas for creating a positive impact with your storefront signs. If you live in the Woburn, Massachusetts area and have been wondering where to find custom storefront signs near you, contact The Sign Doctor today.

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