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March 24, 2023

10 Creative Ideas to Improve Your Company With Acrylic Signs

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Businesses all over Massachusetts use acrylic signs to communicate with the public. Signs can inform, educate, and even entertain your customers enough to drive higher sales and better business growth. Here are 10 ways you can use acrylic signs to drive your company's success.

Ten Easy Ways Acrylic Signs Improve Your Business

  1. Publicize your brand. Acrylic door signs may be the first contact most of the public has with your brand, so you want to make it a good one. Custom acrylic door signs with your logo, company name, and maybe a slogan you've chosen to represent you are a great way to introduce yourself to the public.
  2. Create a unique brand image. Make a solid first impression and set the tone for how you want your brand to be perceived with custom acrylic signs. Because of the variety of text and graphics you can put on them, custom signs can set almost any tone you want for your brand, from lighthearted and fun to gravely serious and trustworthy.
  3. Advertise your product. If you have a line of products or services that you're looking to sell, custom lobby and shop signs are great for getting the word out. Affordable acrylic signage can be ordered for specific products and used to promote the lines you most want to sell.
  4. Promote sales. Sales events are a normal part of doing business for most retailers, and your business signage can help get the word out.
  5. Announce special events. Special events can grab the attention of the public and get more people to notice you than otherwise would. Putting up custom signs for your regular customers helps you announce your booth at the state fair or other special occasion, while signage at the event itself draws eyes from the other booths toward your own.
  6. Direct foot traffic. Permanent acrylic and plexiglass signs can improve flow through your office or store.
  7. Post company policies. "Refunds with receipt only," "Please wait to be seated" and "No shoes, no shirts no service" signs are all over the retail and commercial world for a good reason; they tactfully announce company policies to visitors without your employees having to explain basic operations in person.
  8. Promote workplace and visitor safety. If you have a spot where the floor is slippery, or a particular machine people need to be careful around, put up some signs and keep everybody safe. Not only does this help protect your workers and the public, it might even reduce your insurance costs.
  9. Answer FAQs and keep complaints down. Customers frequently have questions about their products and store policies. Print answers to the most frequently asked questions onto custom acrylic signs and save tons of time giving answers.
  10. Have fun. Finally, custom acrylic signs can be fun. Put up cute images and goofy dad-jokes and anything else you think can liven up your office or shop, and make your workplace a better spot for everyone who visits.

The Sign Doctor creates custom acrylic signs at our Woburn, Massachusetts, shop. We offer consultations to help you design and post awesome acrylic and plexiglass signs that can help your company thrive.

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