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May 13, 2024

Lobby Signs: Making Your Brand Memorable

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An important area of your business – where you have the power to unlock valuable branding opportunities – is your lobby. When guests enter your business, your lobby sets the tone for their entire experience and contributes to their first impressions of your brand. This area of your business is often the first area they’ll see, making it the perfect location to impress guests with outstanding signs that showcase your brand.

There are several types of lobby signs that allow you to achieve these objectives. We will discuss a few options to consider and outline how you can implement them so that your brand is at the forefront.

Wall Murals

A wall mural in your entrance area will instantly transform an entire wall into a stunning focal point. If you craft a mural that showcases your brand, all eyes will be encapsulated by a visual moment that reflects your business. This will not only build brand recognition but also contribute to a positive reputation for your brand in customers’ minds.

The sheer size of a mural alone will make a big impact on your business space. This type of office lobby sign is one that can elevate the look, style, and ambiance of your entire entrance area. Whether you want to create a warm, welcoming environment or a professional, sleek atmosphere, people will remember it.

Wall Graphics

If you’re looking for signage on a smaller scale, wall graphics will deliver. While they’re smaller than murals, they can be strategically placed in key areas of your lobby to generate attention. For example, a graphic of your logo behind a reception desk or a graphic of your wordmark on a prominent wall would both be effective. Guests will be sure to notice your graphics, as they’ll command your brand presence from the get-go.

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are like wall graphics but take advantage of floor space in your business. If you’re looking to maintain a clean, minimalistic wall look in your lobby, you may opt to brand your floor instead. A large office lobby sign on the floor of your entryway can be just as effective as wall graphics in making your brand noticeable as soon as guests enter. Consider using your logo or business name to keep the design subtle yet effective.

Acrylic Signs

These signs mimic the look of glass but are a more durable option, especially for busy business environments. A sleek, sophisticated lobby sign for business environments that displays your branding will enhance the style of your entrance area. There are plenty of ways to customize acrylic signs so that they strike just the right note. Matte, clear, and frosted designs are all options to consider for showcasing your brand in an elegant way.

Metal Signs

Metal signs are known for presenting a distinct look. Each type of metal boasts a modern, eye-catching look for your brand, making any choice a great one. Again, you have options for finishes, including polished or brushed, which will help you achieve the right look. Ensure your choices will display your brand at its best.

Backlit Signs

While backlit signs are not traditionally used indoors, they shouldn’t be overlooked as an excellent option. These signs use LED lights to create a halo effect. Picture a large display of your logo surrounded by soft lighting; this sign will immediately draw the attention of guests upon entry to your business.

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The Sign Doctor is the right partner for bringing lobby signs for your business to life. We design and install a wide range of custom signs for businesses of all kinds in Massachusetts. Connect with us for complete support in making your brand memorable through impactful business signs and graphics.

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