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June 11, 2024

Create a Landmark with Unique Monument Signs

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When you’re looking to boost your business’s visibility, you’ll want to pull out all the stops to ensure you garner the most impressions possible. The same is true when using monument signs to make a statement. These signs are a key tool for making your business a landmark in Massachusetts, thanks to their size, prominent stature, and strategic placement outside your facility.

However, there are several ways to create a monument sign for a business that offers more than the average sign. Unique design options can give your business a leg up on its competition and encourage more prospects to notice it. In this blog, we’ll provide you with suggestions for taking new or existing monument signage to the next level.

How to Level Up Your Monument Sign

Add Illumination

Whether mounted on the ground or on your sign itself, lights will allow your sign to shine bright at all hours. Not to worry if your business isn’t open late; a lighted monument sign will let people know where you’re located so they can return to do business with you later. In low-light conditions or poor weather, an illuminated sign will be a welcome sight for customers, delivery drivers, and more guests who are trying to locate your business.

Enhance Your Sign with Channel Letters

Like lights, channel letters offer a means to add illumination to your sign within the sign’s message itself. For example, displaying your business name or logo in channel letters on your monument sign will make a bold statement that proudly showcases your brand. These letters are a bright, captivating way to spread your brand message and add illumination simultaneously.

Choose an Electronic Monument Sign

Converting a plain monument sign into an electronic monument sign is made possible by adding an electronic message board.

What does this entail? It involves mounting a display screen on your sign to display multiple messages. Plus, it allows the flexibility to change your messages when needed. Whether you have a service update to share or a seasonal message, your electronic message board will allow you to communicate with your target audience.

Complement Your Outdoor Aesthetic

Architectural signs, whether crafted from brick, foam, or another durable material, are elegant signs that are designed to complement your facility’s exterior. In other words, these signs become a seamless part of the environment outside your business, creating a professional image that establishes the right first impression when guests arrive.

Contact The Sign Doctor for Monument Signs for Business in Massachusetts

To revitalize existing monument signage with any of these features or to develop your first sign with these ideas in mind, contact The Sign Doctor. We design and install custom signs for all businesses in Massachusetts. We can’t wait to hear from you and share our insight on creating a landmark for your business with showstopping monument signage.

Request a call back with us to get started.

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