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January 5, 2022

Acrylic Signs Are Necessary for Companies

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Are you looking for colorful and contemporary signage solutions for your Massachusetts-based company? Business signs made from acrylic are ideal for businesses that want to leave a positive and lasting impression on their target audience. They have many customization options that suit your specific needs. Their most common types include:

  • Acrylic LED signs: For added visibility and elegance, we highly recommend lighted acrylic signs within your Massachusetts establishment. The extra feature emphasizes your trademark or whatever message you are conveying.
  • Contour-cut plexiglass: These signs are individually cut, molded, and installed, which almost look similar to dimensional letters. They add a modern and visually appealing touch to any space. When used as storefront signs, they effectively pique the curiosity of people walking past your facility.
  • Frosted wall signs: These professional signs are ideal for clinics, corporate offices, law firms, and similar environments.
  • Clear acrylic signage: These capture the clarity and elegance of glass signs but are inexpensive, low maintenance, lightweight, durable, and easy to install. Surface printing is easier to produce. However, many entrepreneurs prefer designs that look 3D, which is why we offer subsurface printing as well.

How Can High-Quality Acrylic Signs Add Value to Your Business?

  • Welcome guests: The reception area is a critical space in your establishment since it greets customers and gives them a glimpse of your unique brand personality. One way to effectively demonstrate your company’s industry expertise and professionalism are by putting up outstanding lobby signs fabricated from high-grade acrylic. These should meet the standards set by your storefront signs. Otherwise, customers might feel disappointed and leave the premises right away.
  • Room identification: Since acrylic office signs are a breeze to install and remove, they are perfect for labeling important rooms, spaces, and departments in your establishment. You can even use them to indicate employee names who are occupying the area and their corresponding positions at work.
  • Improve the ambiance: Custom-made acrylic LED signs can enhance your establishment’s environment and make it look more cohesive with your branding strategy. When done successfully, customers are more likely to recommend your business to others and return in the future.
  • Wayfinding information: From straightforward directional arrows to laser-printed directories, you can count on acrylic signage panels to help customers and employees find their way around your facility.

Your Trusted Supplier of Commercial Acrylic Signs in Massachusetts

The Sign Doctor specializes in producing a wide array of visual communication solutions for businesses and organizations. We only use the finest materials and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that you get full-color, high-quality, and long-lasting business signs. Our talented and hardworking Massachusetts team will work closely with you throughout the sign-making process to ensure that your satisfaction is met, if not exceeded.

Are you ready to invest in impressive acrylic signs? Book a consultation today!

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