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December 9, 2022

27 Wall Decal Ideas to Refresh Your Space

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Nothing can change the atmosphere in the office or the workplace like a makeover. People get tired of seeing the same thing, day in and day out. Installing wall decals into your business might be just the thing you need to improve morale and efficiency.

If you’re looking for a cure to your signage problem, then come see The Sign Doctor. Conveniently located in Woburn, MA, we have a prescription for you!

Change Your Work Space or Advertise With Wall Decals

If you are struggling with ideas for how to use wall decals in your business and your marketing, here are 27 ideas:

  1. Use humor in your design.
  2. Motivational quotes are always good to lift spirits.
  3. Place them ergonomically.
  4. Vibrant colors stand out and make the room feel warm.
  5. Try using matching custom wall graphics.
  6. A full-size mural can turn a space into a work of art.
  7. Retro art can brighten your space.
  8. Put your spin on a classic picture.
  9. Photography of beautiful landscapes.
  10. 3D graphics that feel like they are coming right at you.
  11. Try incorporating graphics on the floors, ceilings, and walls.
  12. Exterior wall decals can advertise your business in style.
  13. Don’t forget the windows. Match your wall decals with window graphics.
  14. Use business wall decals to create a cohesive business signage collection.
  15. Try different shapes and different sizes.
  16. Create a mini art gallery.
  17. Instill company pride with wall decals cut to the shape of your company’s logo.
  18. Animal lovers go crazy for wall graphics of their favorite animals.
  19. Pictures of plants are simple and classy.
  20. Black and white graphics.
  21. Create a game with your wall decals when you advertise your products or service.
  22. Data visuals can help you prove a point.
  23. Incorporate your surroundings.
  24. Less is more. Try minimalist art in the office.
  25. Word cloud wall decals are the latest craze.
  26. Try a graphic of a character from popular culture.
  27. Create a design targeted at children.

Business Wall Graphics for Success

If you want your workspace to look good, the key is having quality decals. No matter how phenomenal the design of your graphics is, they need to be crafted from quality vinyl so they do not peel or fade. This is where working with a premier signage company comes in handy.

At The Sign Doctor, we always use high-quality vinyl when making custom wall graphics because we know the difference quality can make. We have graphic designers on staff that can help with any design ideas you have and a team of production workers who churn out some of the best signs in the industry. Do yourself a favor and choose quality over flashy sales tricks and a company that makes impossible promises. We always let you know upfront what goals we can realistically meet because we only operate with honesty and integrity.

Call Us to Find Out More

If you are looking for wall decals in Woburn, MA, do not hesitate to call. Call us at 781-208-2208 or message us online. The custom wall graphics your business needs are a quick phone call away.

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