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December 16, 2022

10 Wrap Ideas for Pick-Up Trucks

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Wrapping a vehicle is an excellent way to get your brand name out there. Truck wraps, in particular, are especially effective because a pickup truck is so big. But what should you put on a vinyl truck wrap?

We have helped many businesses with signage solutions. At The Sign Doctor, we are passionate about what we do. Let us extend that passion to you.

Truck Wrap Ideas for Successful Branding

Here are 10 ideas you can use if you choose vinyl truck wraps as a way to advertise and spread brand awareness:

●       Partial Wrap

You don’t have to fully wrap your truck to have effective branding. Partial wraps can look amazing, especially if you match the color in the design to the color of your truck.

●       Side Wraps

If you are looking for a budget-friendly way to get your message across, wrapping only the side of your vehicle is all that you need.

●       Use Humor

Make people laugh as they drive to work by incorporating something humorous into your design. It will make people remember your name.

●       3D Graphics

You can have a 3D decal or a custom truck wrap with a 3D graphic to make yourself stand out even more. Maybe have the claw of an animal sticking out from your hood?

●       Incorporate the Headlights or Bumper into the Design

Take advantage of truck parts and use the headlights or the bumper in the design. It’s a unique concept, but effective when done right. This is where working with experienced graphic designers will come in handy.

●       Letters

You don’t need a full wrap or a crazy design. Having letters with your businesses name, number, and slogan is a great way to let people know what you do

●       Keep It Simple

As the old KISS principle goes: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Your graphics don’t have to be flashy or over the top. Simple graphics are a way to look professional and polished, and by putting them on your vehicle you are guaranteed to get noticed.

●       Strategically Placed Decals

Placing decals in places people will see them is a smart and obvious choice. Try the hood of your truck, or on your door. Decals are a way to save money, while still branding yourself for when you are out on the road.

●       Full Body Wraps are King

There is nothing that comes off stronger than fully wrapping the body of your truck with a vinyl truck wrap. People can’t miss your message when you are fully covered.

Why Do Truck Wraps Work?

The reason wrapping your truck is an effective way to advertise is simple: people have to pay attention to your car. If an advertisement comes on the radio, it is simple for someone to change the channel. If there is signage on the road, a driver may not notice it because they are paying attention to the traffic. When your branding becomes a part of that traffic, people have to pay attention to you for their safety. Your vehicle cannot be ignored.

Truck wraps are just one of many ways we help businesses market themselves. If you are looking for more ideas, make sure to reach out!

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